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Empower Mental Health provides services and training tailored to the client and the family's needs, values, culture, and strengths. We understand that all families are unique and in order to provide effective services and training we accommodate those needs. Empower understands that mental and emotional health is an important part of our daily lives and when it is negatively impacted it affects other facets of life such as academics and physical health. 

We partner with community organizations in order to help fund services for Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC). For more information or to become a community partner, please email us at

BIPOC Therapy Resources (click the links for more info): 

Innopsych:  A BIPOC Mental Health Provider Directory

Latinx Therapy: A directory for Latinx Therapy and other community resources. 

Aakoma Project: Provides access to mental health services and other community resources. 

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