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Empower is a non-profit that was granted 501(c)(3) status in June of 2014. Empower was designed with the goal to improve the wellbeing of our community through family empowerment. Specifically, research tells us that physical activity is associated with improved academic achievement, mental and behavioral health. As such, our organization seeks to increase access to community programs by taking a holistic, community approach in empowering families through youth and family programs that contribute to emotional, physical, and mental health.


OUR MISSION is to EMPOWER our community using a holistic approach through youth and family services that enhance emotional, physical, and mental health as well as academic performance.


  • The following are the three core components of our program:

Empower Sports is a competitive youth sports program designed to promote healthy social development, leadership, physical fitness, and positive interpersonal relationships. Youth learn the value of teamwork through organized and competitive sports and are able to implement a variety of skills needed to be successful throughout life. We also empower college ready youth through college exposure and preparation as they develop needed skills through one-on-one training and coaching.


Empower Tutoring is based on the importance of education and that understanding that each child learns in a unique way. Despite the need for tutoring, many families do not have access to these services because of financial, linguistic, and other barriers. We offer individualized and accessible programs designed to meet the academic needs of our youth and families. Based on our assessments and insights, we will develop a custom learning plan to meet the child’s educational goals. 

Empower Mental Health provides services and training tailored to the client and the family's needs, values, culture, and strengths. We understand that all families are unique and in order to provide effective services and training we accommodate those needs. At Empower, we understand that mental and emotional health is an important part of our daily lives and when it is negatively impacted it affects other facets of life such as academics and physical health. 

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